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How to Get the Immunity Card or App in Hungary

October 27th, 2021


**We’ve made this guide to the best of our knowledge, but as the government is constantly changing processes to make things more accessible, keep in mind that some of these aspects may change.*


After a long year of shutdowns, step by step, Hungary is opening up! Terraces are popping up left, right, and center, and bars and restaurants have finally been able to welcome customers in...if they can show proof of vaccination, that is.

We know Budapest has a strong expat scene, and we’ve heard (and experienced) the rollercoaster of getting vaccinated/getting proof of vaccination as an expat in Hungary. We can’t wait to welcome you all back inside, so here’s a guide to everything we know about how to get a vaccination card/the app as an expat in Hungary!

graphic of covid immunity passport

Before we get started, here’s a quick glossary of terms:

TAJ Card: This is your social security card, which has your Hungarian health insurance number on it. Your Hungarian health insurance number will be 9 digits.

example of Hungarian health card

Ügyfélkapu: Literally, “client gate”, this is your digital key to an online government portal. You need to login with your ügyfélkapu in order to download the vaccination app.  

Kormányablak: Literally, “government window”, this is the government office where you can apply for different documents and where people have been heading in droves to ask for help with vaccination cards. There is at least one in every district.


Getting the App

graphic of Hungarian health app

For this you will need:

  • At least your first vaccine dose

  • A Hungarian Google Play/App store in order to download the app

  • A TAJ (social security) number


In order to get the app, you will need an ügyfélkapu login. But how can you get your ügyfélkapu?

There’s good news! Firstly, you can now show up to the kormányablak without an appointment! Secondly, once you finish waiting in line, the process of getting an ügyfélkapu is very quick (should only take about 20 minutes or so!)

Make sure you bring all of your documents (at least your passport and residency card, but it’s best to bring others as well, just in case) so that you won’t get turned away.

Once you’re at the office, the official will sign you up and then send you an email through which you complete your registration. Open this email ASAP, as the link will expire otherwise.

Now that you have your login info, head to the EESZT website. You will also need to download the EESZT lakossági app. If at first you don’t see it in your app store, change your country to Hungary.

The website has put together a quick and bilingual tutorial just for you!


The basic steps are:

  1. Login to the client gate with your ügyfélkapu info

  2. Download the app (EESZT lakossági)

  3. Enter your TAJ number

  4. Read the QR code on your device

  5. Enter the number on your phone into the form field on your device

  6. Create your pin on the portal on your device

  7. You have successfully registered!


Requesting an Immunity Card

hungarian immunity card

If you haven’t received your card in the mail, you can go to the kormányablak to request your card. They will not print it there, but it should arrive within 10-14 days. There are a couple ways to qualify for the immunity card:

  1. Vaccination: Even after getting vaccinated, many expats have found that their immunity card has not arrived in the mail as expected. If this is the case, take your documents to a kormányablak and ask them for the next steps.

  2. A recent serum antibody test or a positive PCR test (make sure that the lab is government certified)


Well there you have it! Whether by app or by physical card, congrats on being validated! Head out for a drink to celebrate!



  1. How can I get vaccinated?

    1. You can sign up here. If you do not have a TAJ number, you can input your passport number instead. After registering, you can sign up for a specific appointment here (click on egyéni időpontfoglalás).

  2. I've been vaccinated, but my card has not arrived in the mail within the 2 week period. What should I do?

    1. In this case, we’ve found it best to speak to someone in person. Go to a kormányablak with your documents (including your vaccination certificate).

  3. How do I get a TAJ number? 

    1. If you need a social security number, Helpers wrote this article on how to qualify for social security. We Love Budapest also compiled more info on how to get a TAJ number and tax number, check it out here.

  4. When on the EESZT portal, my TAJ number doesn't go through! What could be wrong? 

    1. The system can be finicky--sometimes even trying from a different browser or computer can straighten things out. 

    2. There may be a problem with the validity of your TAJ number. If for whatever reason it’s invalidated, a visit to the kormányablak on Teve Utca may help to straighten things out. For example, if you switched employers or visa types, it’s possible that your TAJ number payments lapsed in between, and your number just needs to be reconnected.

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