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Best Gun Shooting in Budapest

January 31st, 2022

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 some of the places and venues mentioned below have temporarily closed down. Please check their websites and social media channels for up to date information.

Walking around the city of Budapest, staring up at the amazing architecture, visiting the famous tourist spots and bathing in the Szechenyi spa on a hot day, it's pretty easy to forget that you're in a city that had seen war over the past 80 years.

With all the amazing activities Budapest has to offer, you could spend a week in the city and not even touch the surface of the historic events that have happened in Hungary over the past 100 years.

There are plenty of activities that Budapest offers to its tourists that can be quite fun and eventful, but if you're looking for something a little bit more authentic, something that can help you achieve a better understanding of how it felt to live in Budapest during war times, then Gun Shooting is a good option for you! 

Yes, many cities offer the option to go to a shooting range and shoot guns at targets. But Budapest has some pretty unique spots in which you can shoot guns, that will make it feel much more authentic than in other cities. Which brings us to the first place on the list of Budapest's shooting ranges: 

Churchill Shooting

Churchill Shooting

Chruchill Shooting makes sure you get the adrenline, while being completely safe. Their team of professionals will make sure you get the best of the experience and not harm yourself or others. Doesn't matter if you are new to the sport or experienced, they got you covered. The variety of guns and weapons is great so the choice won't be easy. Make sure to check their challange, The Churchill Challange - You have to be not only fast, but accurate. You have 30 round of 9x19 ammunition, a timer and the dueling tree. You choose which weapon to use from the armoury and see if you make the scoreboard. Are you brave enough to try?

Erva Gun Club

This shooting range is located on the Buda Side of the Danube river. It's a bit of a trip to get it, but that just adds to the experience, allowing you the opportunity to see more of the city you otherwise wouldn't. The actual shooting range is in an underground bunker, hidden in a spot that looks like it could just be some house's garage.

There is an assortment of guns available to shoot including 3 different handgun's (Margolin, Glock 17, & a Taurus .38 Revolver), a Remington shotgun, a Thompson .45 semi automatic, and an AK47. You will also have an English speaking guide & tutor right by your side if it's your first time. This shooting range is great if you want to fully immerse yourself in the war time experience. 

Pannónia u. 1, 1222

Celeritas Shooting Club

This shooting range is located south of Budapest, a bit outside of the city. The journey there may take a bit longer than other locations but it will give you a chance to see a different side of Budapest as you make your way to the range.

Celeritas shooting club has a very large arsenal of different guns to choose from, everything from handguns to automatic weapons, so whatever kind of rush you're looking for, this place has it all.

Grassalkovich út 294, 1239

Cold War Park Budapest

Now, Cold War Park is a real treat. Located on the Buda Side of the Danube, this huge park has an endless amount of fun activities. Not only does it have a shooting range that has a great assortment of different guns, but it's much more known for its collection of war related activities.

In this park you can drive a wide variety of different military vehicles from armored trucks and old military cars to massive war tanks. You can also get flown around in military planes to get a beautiful view of Budapest.

If that's not enough, they also have a paintball course in which you can practice your military skills, or even drive a military vehicle while shooting paintballs at targets. Lastly they've got a big exhibit where you can learn about different military equipment and take some awesome pictures with some old war time vehicles. 

Kőérberki út 36, 1112

Budapest Shooting

In a prime location located in the center of Budapest is the Budapest Shooting club. This isn't as authentic as the other locations, but it's an accessible way to practice your skills. Even though it's a small shooting range it actually has a pretty great assortment of different guns, from handguns to automatic rifles. They also have English speaking guides to help you with your target practice. 

Nagymező u. 37-39, 1065

There are plenty of other shooting ranges around Budapest, all ranging at different prices. So no matter what type of shooting you're looking to do, you will be able to find something that suits you. As dangerous as guns are, they can be quite fun if used safely and in the right environment. Check it out when you visit, tell us we're wrong! 

Book your shooting adventure with a professional tutor, historical, real-life weapons as well as computer game favorites, and in a central location!

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