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Open Mic Nights in Budapest

October 26th, 2021


Are you looking for some live music in Budapest? Whether you want to watch or perform, you might want to check out an open mic! All of the events provide an acoustic guitar (and sometimes drums or a keyboard), and anyone is welcome to get on stage and sing their hearts out.

Not only are they a place to hear music (and sometimes even stand up comedy), but they're an easy way to connect with other Budapest musicians and expats, as well as seeing different Budapest bars!

We've put together a list of active open mics in Budapest below (and be sure to follow Open Mic Budapest for more information and updates!)!

ruin bar full of customers

Udvarrom 20:00-late
Udvarrom's open air status keeps it a popular location as we emerge into a post-quarantine Budapest. While not the most intimate of venues, Udvarrom's open mics always prove to be lively affairs! Come early to grab a drink and your spot!

four men with guitars in a basement

Hoff House Open Jam 9PM-late
Do you feel like collaborating? This open jam is one of the best spots for live music in Budapest. As opposed to typical open mics where one performer takes the stage, this open jam is all about collaboration and improvisation!

Some awesome songs and bands have been formed out of these. So bring your instrument and get jamming! Find it every other Tuesday at Hoff House.



girl singing at open mic night

Potkulcs 20:30-23:30

A favorite of locals, Potkulcs is nestled away on a small street near the Nyugati train station. Looks can be deceiving, for the small, ivy covered door leads to a wide beer garden, through which you can access the stage!

Potkulcs is one of the Budapest open mics that consistently has a keyboard, so if you want to play those ivories, this is the place for you!



band playing underground

Hoff House, 9-Late

Hoff House is an international bar in the city center, with lots of live music events throughout the week. However, Thursday’s open mic is when you can make the stage your own!

There’s even a happy hour drink special that coincides with open mic. If you’re looking for a place to perform with your band or to have a fuller sound, note that Hoff House provides an acoustic guitar, keyboard, and a drum set.



three men on stage at open mic night

Lámpás 8:30-11:30

Lámpás may be on one of Budapest’s most popular party streets, but if you don’t pay attention you may walk right past it! Once you spot the yellow sign you can make your way down to this popular basement ruin bar and settle in for a night of live music. Snuggle on a cozy chair in front of the stage and blend into the intimate atmosphere!


Do you feel like performing? Or maybe you just want to listen to some live music in Budapest. Either way, head to one of these open mics, make some music, and maybe even make a few new friends!


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