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September 6th, 2022

When it comes to stag parties, birthday parties and gatherings of friends it’s easy to fall into the

usual drink-dance-repeat shenanigans, but why not try something more thrilling and different?

Paintballing is an exhilarating way to bond with mates and when it comes to run and gun fun

Budapest has a lot to offer.

We’re here to tempt your inner-warrior by listing the best places to gear up and engage in some fun

(and safe!) colour-splattered warfare!

Akcio Paintball

Akcio Paintball offers not only Paintball, but also Laser tag and Airsoft games as well. They operate in

summer and winter and have a variety of packages with training included where you can rent their

equipment or bring your own The basic package costs 6500 HUF, which includes the weapon,

protective equipment, court use, up to 4 hours of playing time and 200 balls per player. Organisers

play for free with up to 1000 balls for the airsoft game and 200 for the paintball.

They have two locations in Budapest: 1223 Budapest Aszály utca 32 has an indoor track with six

buildings and 1224 Budapest Bartók Béla út 179 provides multiple indoor tracks with multiple

buildings inside.

There are also two locations outside of Budapest: 2000 Szentendre Dózsa György út 32 provides

eight buildings and an open track and 2045 Törökbálint Hegyalja u has indoor courts with various

buildings available.

Make sure to make a reservation with a payment beforehand to secure your battlefields and get

ready to rumble!

Paintball Akademia

Paintball Akademia is located in the 14th District and has an indoor, heated field where you can play

even in bad weather conditions.

The price is 7.500 HUF per person and includes a 2 hour game with free and unlimited bullets. If your

team has a minimum of 14 people, the organiser plays for free! The field is located at Telepes u. 51,


Patriot’s Paintball

Patriot’s Paintball offers a beautiful field with old ruins and buildings strewn throughout. After the

battle you can chill with a barbecue, fireplace or food service on request. Their basic package

includes 4 hours of field rental, the paintball rifles, paintball masks, overalls and chest protectors for

the ladies in exchange for 6.500 HUF. There is also a children’s package available for ages 9-14 which

costs 3.500 HUF for 3 hours of field rental and all equipment provided. The main price does not

include paintballs, but you can buy as many as you want for 15 HUF/ piece.

You can choose between six locations, four of them in Budapest, one in Tököl and one in Törökbálint:

1. 1191 Budapest, Vak Bottyán u. 44/c

Phone number: +36709488113

2. 1182 Budapest, Halomi út 67.

Phone number:  +36709488113

3. 1239 Budapest Vecsési út 1958031

Phone number: +36 70 948 8113

4.  1105 Budapest, Halom u. 42

Phone number: +36 70 948 8113

5. 2045 Törökbálint, Bajcsy- Zsilinszky utca 73.

Phone number: +36709488113

6.  2316 Tököl, Tököl Reptér II. Kapu

Phone number: +36709488113