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Best Bar Food in Budapest

January 31st, 2022


You’re ready to go out on the town and you’re wondering: Where is there good bar food in Budapest? You can’t wait to eat, you can’t wait to drink--so why not do both at the same time? Here’s our roundup of Budapest bars with the best bar food!



burger with side dish at a Budapest bar

Meaning “little plant”, Kisüzem is a popular local hangout with a solid kitchen. Although it’s on the fringe of the party district, this little bar still overflows with people looking for a hip night out, and you can be one of them!

During the day it doubles as a gallery for local artwork and a sunlit working space, and you can take advantage of its rotating menu (vegetarian options available). If you’re looking for a cool place to drink and dine in Budapest on a budget, try Kisüzem out!


Hoff House

woman drinking a beer at Hoff House

Have you been craving hot wings, nachos, or other American-style bar food? Head on over to Hoff House! Hoff is an expat-friendly bar with an international crowd, live music, and weekly events.

They take their bar food very seriously (why else have so many wing sauces to choose from) and are always adding new tasty tidbits to their menu. Whether you’re there for a pub quiz, karaoke night, or just to chill, rest assured you’ll have lots of delicious bar food at your fingertips! 


Mátra Borozó

people lined up to pay at a Budapest pub

Head over to a quiet street in Buda and find that simplicity reigns king. Here at Mátra you can feast as if you were in the Hungarian countryside: Fluffy bread, tart mustard, and greasy sausages make up the plates, and we’re convinced that there’s nothing that pairs better with a cold beer! Book a table and dig in!


Vicky Barcelona

tapas sign at Vicky Barcelona

Located on sparkling Gozsdu Udvar, Vicky Barcelona Tapas Bar makes sure that you can drink and snack all night long. Dive into Spanish wines and finger foods, or get a plate to share! And if you time it right, you can catch a flamenco performance or some lively music. Dinner and a show--sounds good to us! 



colorful and playful interior of a Budapest bar

Get ready to step into the world of quirk and color that is Jenő Bar. Settle into an armchair and gaze up at the patterned ceiling as you down your drink. Jenő has all the charms of a classic Budapest ruin bar, as well as a small but solid food menu. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, all the better--Jenő has got you covered with classic Hungarian desserts!

It’s no fun to party on an empty stomach, but with these bars, you won’t have to! If you’re ready to eat and drink your way through town, then definitely check out these places for some of the best bar food in Budapest.


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