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Best Riverside Bars in Budapest

April 24th, 2024

When summer hits the city, it's best to seek shade and cold drinks close to water. Luckily in Budapest, bars along the Danube are just the perfect hideout from the summer heat waves. In this article, we gathered the best riverside bars in Budapest. Pop on your sunglasses and grab a drink at one or all of them!


Pontoon is a multi-levelled boat located on the Pest side, beside the Chain Bridge. It’s anchored so you can always find it on the Danube bank. Pontoon has everything you need: a bar, the Danube, an amazing view of the Buda side and as an added bonus, cool parties! You can always check out their Facebook page for upcoming events. If you’re out with your four-legged friends, no problem, because Pontoon is dog friendly as well. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a place to watch the sunset with your friends or if you want to dance and have a great night.


Close to Fővám tér and the green Liberty Bridge you will find the Bálna complex. The super modern glass building, looking like a whale from above, is located at one of the prime spots next to the river. You can find more bars and restaurants at Bálna. We recommend trying Esetleg Bistro, one of the best riverside bars on offer. Its location is super convenient and the whole area has a very chill vibe.  For rumbling tummies they offer traditional dishes as well as modern dishes too. A special Hungarian treat you should try here is the lentil stew with pork belly. If you’re feeling a thirst, go for a summer staple like an Aperol Spritz. 


If you are into less mainstream places, try Kabin, one of the best riverside bars in Budapest, visited mostly by locals. Located on an island, Népsziget, it is a bit further away from typical tourist routes and the downtown of Budapest. To get there you need to take the blue metro in the direction of Újpest. There are a few bars on the island, close to each other. Kabin has it all; food, drinks, a super nice view of the Danube, chill music and cozy vibes. It is a very laid back bar, perfect for daytime drinking as well.


Probably the most famous ship in Budapest is the A38 boat. The famous concert and party location can be found on the Buda side, next to Petőfi Bridge. A38 has a very cool, edgy vibe. There is always something going on: concerts, parties, DJs and different shows. The ticket prices vary depending on the current program but you can always go aboard, grab a drink and discover what’s going on.

Római Part

Located a bit further from the center of Budapest in the 3rd district, Római Part is a shore next to the Danube. It is close to the Roman ruins, so if you are interested in history, it is definitely worth taking a look. At Római Part you can find different bars such as Fellini, all on the shore of the Danube, which gives them a cool, chill vibe. Fellini serves food, drink and ice cream as well. The whole arrangement acts as a kind of self-service, so you have to order at the bar and then can take your drink and food down to the shore. To get there, you can either choose the HÉV from Batthyányi tér or you can grab your bike and take a little trip. There is a nice cycling path leading to Római part, around 40 minutes from the city center.