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Where to find Karaoke in Budapest

April 30th, 2024

Are you ready to take the stage? These karaoke bars in Budapest are the perfect place to sing your heart out! Whether you're looking for private karaoke rooms or a classic karaoke bar set up, you'll be able to find what you need! Superstardom starts now!

And if you're still looking for a party afterwards, try booking a boat party, sparty, or pub crawl!

Vibe Rooms

Two Women singing KaraokeTwo Women singing Karaoke

Dying to go to karaoke but don't want an audience? Vibe Rooms has a Medium, Large, and VIP room to fit your needs! The friendly staff goes above and beyond to make your experience special - just let them know while booking if you're celebrating a birthday, bachelor (ett) party, or anything in between.

Aside from being a solid pre-party spot for your karaoke nights out, Vibe Rooms also puts on live music nights and themed parties. Keep an eye on their page for events!

Hoff House

This friendly international bar draws people in with its open vibe and American-style bar food, but nights get especially rowdy during karaoke!

Currently every Friday and Saturday, Hoff House  hosts free karaoke nights for all! Just queue up your favorite song (or sing along to the other bona-fide bangers) and get ready for your shining moment!

Blue Bird Karaoke

If you walk down the sparkling Goszdu Udvar you'll probably hear Blue Bird Karaoke before you see it. During the day, travelers and locals can enjoy a luxurious and colorful brunch at the Blue Bird Cafe. When night falls, however, the space transforms into a karaoke free-for-all. Grab a cocktail, grab the mic, and queue up your song!

If you prefer a little privacy, you can book one of their beautifully decorated themed rooms.

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