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Wine Bars in Budapest

April 23rd, 2024

Since Hungary is distinguished for its great wines it’d be a shame to miss sampling some of them while you’re here!  In order to make this a little easier, we’ve curated a list of our favourite wine bars in the city.  Have a glass or two in search for that memory-making souvenir bottle to take back home and enjoy the unique atmosphere that each place provides!  

DiVino Bazilika

DiVino is a true showstopper when it comes to finding the fanciest wine bar in the city. Located in the heart of Budapest, next to the picturesque Saint Stephen Basilica,  DiVino is super popular amongst locals and tourists as well. The selections include 150 types of wines sourced from leading Hungarian wineries, all listed on the walls of the bar. The staff is nice and helpful so if your sommelier knowledge is not on point, don’t worry! They will help you to ensure the best bottle matches up with your tastebuds!  


Close to the Jewish Quarter, in the center of the party district, you will find Kadarka, one of the best wine bars of Budapest. Kadarka is not only reasonably priced and offers a great selection of wines but also has a bomb kitchen. Their burger is just the best! It’s perfect if you want to try different, classic Hungarian wines with your friends in a more laid back setting.

St. Andrea

St Andrea is more on the fancy side but is a must-try if you like a great view with your wine. Tucked away at the end of Budapest’s main shopping street, Váci utca, the location guarantees a stunning view of the Buda side, the Danube and Parliament. St Andrea offers a great selection of Hungarian wines, and they have their own reputable winery. They have a high quality restaurant as well so you can satisfy the foodie in you too!


Looking for something more local, more secret?  Cintányéros is definitely worth visiting. It's located in the VIII. district, a bit further from the crowded downtown but easily approachable. The wine selection is wide so you’re guaranteed to end up trying something you love! Cintányéros is also super affordable so it’s a great budget option. They also serve food and during the week they have live piano performances as well!


Marlou is a real gem hiding close to the Opera House in the center of Budapest. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate bar where you can try the best natural wines of Hungary, try Marlou! Marlou specializes in natural wines, supporting the more modern oenological scene in Hungary. However, be warned, Marlou is on the pricey side so be prepared to pay a little extra for that quality.


While all the other wine bars are on the Pest side, Palack is located on the Buda side, on Bartók Béla street. Palack has a laid-back, more local atmosphere. The drinks are reasonably priced and it is a great option if you want to try a larger variety of wine. Palack offers dips, snacks and charcuterie boards as well if you want to couple your wine with some good food.

Bor To Door

Recently opened in the 6th District around the corner from other popular expat bars, Bor To Door provides guests with the full wine experience, including an international vibe and a cheery street terrace in the summertime.  You’ll find local expat characters usually bonding over local life between glasses of red and the famous chicken wings brought to you by bar-around-the-corner Hoff House.  The owners went on a wine pilgrimage around Hungary to know for sure what the latest, the most secret and the best cellars are in the country before opening their doors in 2021.  Since then they've made use of newly-opened borders to broaden these journeys even further and are more than happy to get to know your preferences personally so as to match them with the perfect glass.