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Best Ice Cream Parlours in Budapest

August 2nd, 2022

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! There is nothing better during the hot summer in the city than going on a stroll and finding the best ice cream parlors in Budapest! Let us help, so you don’t have to wander around for long!


Fragola is one of the most famous ice cream workshops in Budapest. They opened their first shop in Nagymező utca, in the downtown and by now they already have 10 shops all over the city! That really shows their popularity. Fragola offers vegan, dairy and gluten free, sugar free ice cream as well. Besides the traditional kinds of ice cream, Fragola conjures up new flavors all the time. So if you are either looking for something reliable like a good chocolate ice cream or for something new, like wine flavored ice cream, Fragola is the perfect choice for you!

Hisztéria Cremeria

Located on Andrássy street, near Oktogon, Hisztéria serves not only ice cream but great desserts as well. It is a family-owned business, with four locations up and running by now, two outside of Budapest, one on Andrássy and one in WestEnd shopping mall. The Hisztéria ice cream is a real Italian style gelato, which has a very special creamy texture. They also offer sugar free options as well. If you have already sampled their ice cream, try their other desserts as well, such as their macarons or the traditional chimney cake.

Anjuna Ice Pops

If you are looking for natural, vegan and sustainable ice cream options, Anjuna is the right choice for you. It is one of the best vegan ice cream parlors in Budapest. All of their products are gluten free, lactose free and vegan, perfect for anyone who have dietary requirements. Their biggest hit is the ice pop, made with real fruits and the highest quality plant-based ingredients. The ice pops come in many different flavors you can choose from. Anjuna also offers acai bowls, smoothies and even pupsicles, ice cream made for dogs! They have three locations in Budapest, one near Bazilika (Sas street), one in the 13th district and one on the Buda side. And if you really can’t get enough and want more for home, you can buy them from certain grocery stores!

Gelarto Rosa

Gelarto Rosa is an independent chain of artisanal ice cream parlors in the heart of Budapest. It’s one of the most famous ice cream shops downtown. The ice cream not only tastes good but it is very pretty to look at as well.  They use traditional, Italian ice cream making techniques and the ice creams are shaped into a rose. So if you are looking for a super Instagram compatible ice cream in the heart of Budapest, Gelarto Rosa is the one for you. It is next to St. Stephen Basilica, which makes it a perfect stop during sightseeing. There is usually a long queue but the experience is definitely worth it.

Erdős és Fiai

If you are looking for an ice cream parlor mostly visited by locals, try Erdős and Fiai on the Buda side. Located near Kelenföld station, it is one of the most well-known ice cream stores amongst the locals. They offer many different amazing flavors, sugar free options are available as well. Erdős and Fiai also sell cakes and pastries. Their most famous flavor is the pistachio ice cream, however the less traditional ones, like violet, are worth exploring as well. Since many trains coming from lake Balaton stop at Kelenföld, it can be a perfect ending for a day trip to the lake.