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Business Spotlight: Tosti Dutch Sandwich Bar

November 8th, 2021

Budapest's newest sandwich shop is bustling - we're barely able to snap some photos in between the never-ending stream of customers. "Business has really blown up this week!" says Cédrik, before he turns to take another order. After tasting one of their sandwiches (we went for the Classic), it's easy to see why.

sandwich shop sign hanging

Denae McGaha / Ultimate Budapest

Owners Cédrik and Julika have found a rhythm behind the counter: Cédrik delivering ingredients from the kitchen above, Julika steaming milk for a coffee before putting yet another sandwich on the grill, while both greet new customers warmly.

Tosti’s menu is short and sweet, but there’s something at this Dutch sandwich shop for everyone. The Classic has ham and Dutch gouda cheese, and other variations include chicken and tuna. If you have a sweet tooth, you could go for the Dutch with apple syrup and gouda cheese. And those looking for vegan food in Budapest can grab a vegan tosti (which happens to be Julika’s favorite!)

girrl pouring coffee

Denae McGaha / Ultimate Budapest

Customers can enjoy their Tosti in the cozy shop while getting glimpses of Holland--from the iconic blue and white porcelain on the walls to the wooden clogs in the windows.

Along with reminders of home, Cédrik and Julika even have a message for any aspiring entrepreneurs: “When we opened Tosti, we asked around for business advice. Coffee Stand in particular helped us tremendously, and we'd like to pass it on! If there are any wannabe shop owners, we'd love to pay it forward - please reach out! ”

a couple standing outside of their sandwich shop

Denae McGaha / Ultimate Budapest

That passion and optimism reaches to their purpose: Why open a sandwich shop on the tail end of a pandemic? “We wanted to spend our days doing something we really enjoy and at the same time make it something that belongs to ourselves,” says Cédrik. "So far it works, because at the end of each day we look forward to the next!" If the never-ending stream of customers is anything to go by, it's working! It's working very well.