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The Most Instagram Worthy Restaurants in Budapest

April 17th, 2024

Looking for the perfect picture for your Instagram? Budapest is home to some of the most photogenic restaurants around. If you're looking to get those likes and make your page look super cute and aesthetic, check out these cool restaurants in the heart of Budapest and try some of the delicious meals and beverages they offer!

Mazel Tov

Mazel TovMazel Tov

This Budapest restaurant is a prime spot to dine on some Mediterranean food and get some great photos for your Instagram page. Filled with greenery and flowing vines, this restaurant is the perfect place to show off your Budapest travel destination.

With an open garden during summer and a heated one during winter, no matter what time of year, Mazel Tov is the perfect restaurant for pictures, so make sure to check out this cozy, urban garden!

New York Café

New York CafeNew York Cafe

Over 120 years old, this lavish cafe in Budapest was once a center for a literary and artistic life. The grand interior of this instagrammable restaurant makes for a fantastic place for pictures.

Initially, this beautiful place was built as an insurance company building but was transformed into what is now known as the most beautiful café in the world.

The menu includes a variety of meals, desserts and beverages and offers a number of packages and experiences. Some of these include 24-carat gold cappuccinos, hot chocolates and latte macchiatos. This also makes it a little on the expensive side, but for the incredible pictures, it is definitely worth it!

Vintage Garden & The Sweet

Cherry Blossom inside RestaurantCherry Blossom inside Restaurant

Located not far from Deak square, Vintage Garden is a cute restaurant with a pleasant interior terrace always filled with fresh flowers. Not only do they serve main meals, desserts and snacks, they also have bartenders to keep your drinks filled all day, some of which are specialized, alcoholic drinks to suit the candy theme of the restaurant.

Ideal for your Budapest experience is the cafe next door, The Sweet, run by the same owners as Vintage Garden. A beautiful flower wall, cakes and artisanal biscuits will brighten your page and make it pop with color. Drop by for some homemade ice cream in the summer or a cup of hot tea or coffee in the winter.



A different style of café, Arioso is also a florist specializing in high-end floral design and decoration that has been open since 2002. The cafe has blooming flowers and an array of coffees, cakes, pastries and other food and beverages to serve you all year round.

With a hidden garden you can enjoy your food and drinks in, this is a gorgeous restaurant for pictures to show off on your socials. Should you just be passing by, we recommend trying their delicious handcrafted ice cream.



Twentysix is ​​an urban jungle hidden amidst the city buildings. This cute spot in Budapest is divided into 4 main elements: Garden, Shop, Studio and House. Garden is a Mediterranean style restaurant, Shop sells socially responsible delicacies, Studio is where you can find daily yoga classes and House brings kitchen workshops and events.

This green wonderland allows you to experience not only some amazing food but also enjoy the surrounding gardens and other daily activities. Perfect to show off on your Insta page!

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is also home to some of the most Insta-worthy restaurants around! Be sure to check out these cute places to not only enjoy some food and drinks but also the incredible Budapest restaurants you get to experience.

Disclaimer: Please check their websites and social media channels for up to date information.