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Where to Eat at Michelin Starred Restaurants in Budapest

June 3rd, 2022

Do you make a point of checking out the best restaurants and chefs everywhere you go? Or just looking for a very special culinary experience? Either way, we are here to help you with where to eat at Michelin starred restaurants in Budapest!

Currently Budapest has 7 Michelin starred restaurants, all of them with one star. Check them out to pick one to try. Whichever you decide on, make sure you have a reservation before you go there since they can get super busy!

Costes Restaurant and Costes Downtown

Costes Restaurant, located at Ráday street, was the first Hungarian restaurant that got a Michelin star. Here you can get a six-course tasting menu for €120. They are open from Saturday until Monday only, so keep that in mind when booking. 

Costes Downtown is a bit more casual. The tasting menu also contains six-courses, but “only” costs €95. The menu changes seasonally with a focus on European fine dining.

 Babel Budapest

Babel, close to Váci street, the main shopping street of Budapest, is a very elegant restaurant, perfect for a special date night. The tasting menu contains 14 courses focusing on incorporating Hungarian classics with a modern flair. Babel is the true Michelin experience, however it is the priciest one. Their 14-course tasting menu costs €180 per person, about as much as a top-notch hotel room.

Stand Restaurant

If you’re looking for an amazing culinary experience on the Buda side, try Stand. Run by two very famous Hungarian chefs, Stand offers a unique dining experience. The eight-course tasting menu contains some real Hungarian classics with a twist, like the traditional fish soup, and will set you back €110 per person. Alternatively, you can opt for the 4-course lunch menu for only €40.


If you have already tried Hungarian food, then go for Borkonyha. This restaurant, located downtown Budapest, doesn’t focus on the local cuisine but rather offers a vibrant, visually impressive experience. While Borkonyha is still on the pricey side (their five course tasting menu costs €86), the atmosphere is more laid back than in the other Michelin starred restaurants.


Essência is owned by a Portuguese-Hungarian couple, Tiago and Éva Sabado. Tiago Sabado, a Portuguese chef, was the one who got Costes their very first Michelin star when he was still working there. They came up with this project together as a way to showcase both of their culinary heritages side-by-side. Because of this story, the experience has a special personal touch. There is a Portuguese and a Hungarian tasting menu, as well as a fusion of these two, costing €86 and called ‘May 17th’ because that is the day their daughter was born. 

Salt Budapest

Salt got the star in 2021 and is one of the busiest from this list. While Borkonyha and Costes are more visited by tourists, Salt’s audience are mostly Hungarians. The tasting menu has 12 courses and costs €140. There are some special Hungarian delicacies on the menu, such as mangalica kolbász (a type of Hungarian sausage) and some international staples such as goat tartar.

In a nutshell, you can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants! You definitely will have an amazing culinary experience at any of these locations - just don’t forget to book a table before you go! And of course, check out the Michelin Guide recommendations for more options!