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Where to find street food in Budapest?

May 30th, 2022

Street food has been the biggest craze in the last few years. Pro and hobby foodies, vloggers, chefs have been obsessed with finding the best culinary treats on the streets. Budapest is not different, every day a new street food truck is opening in the city center. Since the scene is very crowded, it can be tricky to find the best options when hungry… so we’ve put together a helpful guide to the street food jungle of Budapest!

Karaván - The One-stop Shop

The best place to go when hunger hits you downtown is Karaván. In the middle of Kazinczy street, Karaván is a street food court with different food trucks. It’s perfect if you are not sure what to grab and need some inspiration. Also works well if you come in a bigger group and everybody craves different bites. 

Located in one of the busiest streets of the city, next to Szimpla it’s very easy to find. There are many options to choose from. Savory, sweet, traditional, fusion, all the options you could think of. From Mexican to Hungarian, from burgers to Goulash, Karaván has it all. There’s also a bar in the food court and many seats so you can enjoy your street food experience. 

Bors Gasztrobár - Soups + Sandwiches

If you have already tried Karaván or just crave something different and you are near Szimpla, Bors is the place to try! This tiny gourmet street food shop offers mostly soups and sandwiches. They introduced the to go soup concept in Budapest first by offering them in paper cups. The selection changes weekly but there are some stable items on the menu. At Bors your concept of soup will be changed forever! The chefs are super creative and come up with the craziest versions. Have you ever had brownie soup with real cookie crumbles? 

Nutella cream soup with strawberry? Or ratatouille soup? There’s no limit for the imagination of the Bors guys! Give them a chance and taste the street food soup of your life!

Rácskert - The Vegan Garden

Rácskert, located in the party district of Budapest is heaven for vegans and for those who prefer to go for healthier street food. The Vegan Garden in Rácskert offers many options in different food trucks. You can choose from the best vegan burgers of Budapest, Mexican vegan street food and you can even find vegan chimney cake, a Hungarian speciality. There is also a bar in Rácskert, so it’s actually a perfect place to start your night at. 

The Körút

Nagykörút (the ring road that connects the Petőfi and Margit Bridges) is definitely a street which you will come across when wandering around Budapest. It is one of the most important streets in the center of Pest full of shops, bars and of course street food spots! The variety of options is endless: pizza slice bars, kebab shops, Thai and Vietnamese street food, sandwiches and burgers. If you walk from Blaha Lujza tér towards Király street on the Körút, you will easily find great street food. If you crave a slice of Italy, check out Pizza Me - a local chain serving Budapest’s favourite pizza slice. For a taste of Korea, try Bibimbap, where you can find rice dishes and hotpots. And of course you can never go wrong with a döner especially at the end of a night! Check out Istanbul Kebab at Blaha Lujza tér for some delicious bites.

Street food fairs, food truck shows

If you really want to dive into the Budapest street food scene, food truck shows are definitely for you! Usually these events are for free and you can find all the best food trucks of Budapest in the same place! It’s a perfect event if you want to try different things so you don’t have to choose. The next event where you can check out the Budapest street food scene is at the first Wine and Champagne Festival in the city centre on the 2nd of June. If you missed it, you can always check out Food Truck Show Hungary’s facebook page to find upcoming events in and around Budapest. If you don’t want to miss any street food related events in Budapest, check our What’s On This Week page, where we give you weekly updates on all the coolest events and programs in the city.