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5 of the Best Hostels in Budapest

December 10th, 2021


It's hard to find a city that rivals Budapest’s backpacker atmosphere and energetic nightlife. With over 100 hostels to choose from it can be hard when trying to decide which hostel will be your home away from home. You’re probably weighing each hostel’s atmosphere, activities, cleanliness and size as you try to figure out where to stay in Budapest. Here’s a guide to some of the best hostels in Budapest to help you on your search! 


The Hive Party Hostel

the hive party hostel

"Party” is in the name, so is it any wonder that walking out of the Hive lands you right in the heart of Budapest’s party district? If you need to take some time off from partying, however, head up to the rooftop bar that’s open exclusively for guests.

The Hive also has loads of bookable activities to help fill your days and nights (Bingo Bar Crawl, anyone?), as well as a bar with concerts and events downstairs! Being the 3rd biggest hostel in Budapest, you’re sure to meet new friends from all over the world!


Hostel One

hostel one staff

Hostel One is centrally located which makes it a prime starting point to explore  Budapest by foot for the day. Dive into the incredibly social atmosphere at the affordably priced bar downstairs and even get info on which nightly event is happening. You can start your night out with drinking games with the staff before you head out to a legendary Pub Crawl or Budapest Boat Party.

Feel like taking a night off? You can stay in and cook at the fully equipped kitchen and chill with other guests--or just skip the cooking and show up to family dinner!


Loft Hostel

loft hostel dining area

If you, like us, believe that one of the best parts of travelling is the people you meet, you might consider staying at community-centric Loft Hostel. As they say on their website, they’re a community that “shares with each other, explores together, and stays up into the wee hours because there is still more beer in the  refrigerator and the conversation is too good to end.”

They help to keep your mind at ease with the double security codes for entry and the free padlock included with your room locker, and staff have plenty of tips to help you explore the alternative side of Budapest. 


Wombats The City Hostel

wombats budapest common area

If you came to Budapest from Vienna, Munich, or London, you might already be familiar with Wombats Hostel and its fun loving atmosphere. Wombats is excellently located in the heart of the city along the Király Utca, where you’re just a few streets away from the heart of Budapest’s party district.

With high standards of cleanliness, it’s great for students or older travelers with its affordable prices and different room options. This hostel is a great choice for any traveller that is looking for a tidy hostel with the option of partying or staying in and meeting other guests.


Spicy Hostel

spicy hostel common area

Staying in party hostels isn’t for everyone, so if you’d like a hostel with a more chilled-out vibe, Spicy Hostel could be a good place for you! With fewer beds and a smaller size, Spicy Hostel is a bit more intimate, so you have a chance to really connect with the other travelers staying there. Relax in the common area, break out the board games, or join family dinner and make Budapest connections you’ll never forget!


Are you ready to visit? Book your stay at one of these Budapest hostels and start exploring the city!

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