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Specialty Food Stores in Budapest

April 23rd, 2024

Even the most experienced expats in Budapest can get homesick, and nothing can quite bridge the gap like a taste of home. ALDI, Spar, or LIDL, are enough for regular grocery shopping, but if you're looking for something a bit more specific, you might need to go to a specialty food store in Budapest. Whether you're craving a specific cuisine, or just want to try something new, you can browse our list of stores. Happy shopping!


Culinaris is a treasure trove of imported goods. Known for having products from overseas brands (many American expats flock for the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie purée around Thanksgiving) Culinaris is a well-beloved imported food store among expats. However, expect a price tag that reflects the imported nature of the goods. The grocery store also carries ingredients of cuisines from around the world, so you can come for higher-end brands of your favorite staples, or you can discover something new! And don't miss the drool-worthy deli and bakery sections. With 2 locations, you can find one either side of the river, so whether you're in Buda or in Pest, you can get your shopping done!


Find this specialty food store in the quiet neighborhood of Jaszai Mari Square. The shop is tiny, but full to bursting with - as you guessed from the name --- imported cheeses and other nibbles that would look right at home at any dinner party. For such a small shop they also have an impressive collection of wines and liquors that compliment whatever cheeses and hams you choose to pick up!

Taste the World

Located close to the river near Fővam Square, you'll find Taste of the World. It's goal is to bring you tastes and flavors from the four corners of the world, and walking through its aisles is like going on a mini-excursion around the globe! Taste the World has not only an extensive selection of not only ingredients, but recipes as well! Go experience it for yourself!

USA Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you have a hankering for a candy that you just can't find in the aisles of Spar or Lidl? Then you might want to try exploring USA Candy! When you step inside you're immediately greeted by wall-to-wall displays bursting with color, flavor, and of course, plenty of sugar. You'll be just like a kid in a candy shop! The store has candy and sweets not only from the USA, but from the UK and Japan as well. And aside from sweets, you can also get other typical foodstuffs you might find in an American or British cupboard, like hot cocoa, for example. Happy shopping!

British Store

If you're craving something from across the pond, the British Store has a large selection of snacks, biscuits, mixes, and of course, teas (among many other things). They have a well-established delivery system, and are popular for expat Brits especially during the holidays. Step inside and take in shelf after shelf of British delights!