Why partner with us?

Who are we?

The ultimate all-in-one booking service – helping you book tickets and entry passes to Budapest’s coolest experiences, from city tours to river cruises, thermal baths to pub crawls with just a few clicks, and earn commission with every sale.

How can we make your life easier?

We do the research and quality assurance for you, and minimise the busy work involved in selling tickets to tours and activities while maximising the commission you can make on them. Our platform makes booking tours and activities a piece of cake, leaving you to focus on running your business..

What can you do with this booking platform?

  • Get all the information you need for selling activities, whenever you need it, all in one place.
  • Earn commission on ticket sales easily, without any added administration or paperwork.
  • Make easy money on bookings made using our additional tracking methods, even if the guest used their own device.
  • Track conversions and results, see reports and check the performance of your receptionists.

9 reasons you'll love partnering with us (especially if you're a busy person)

  1. The best tours and activities in Budapest, all in one place

    We hand-pick only the most high-quality and uniquely attractive offerings in the city, and make it easy for you to find out about them on our platform.

  2. A simple and stylish interface

    With our platform, training new staff on selling tours and experiences takes no time at all - all the information they need is easy to find, and booking tickets is a breeze.

  3. Extra services delivered on demand

    From airport transfers to private videographers, our team is on call to arrange a selection of extra services for your guests and clients, pending availability.

  4. A team dedicated to providing you excellent service, and minimizing the busy work

    We’re constantly working on ways to improve our service and our sales platform to make it as beneficial as possible for our resellers and our activity providers alike.

  5. Paying by card? No problem!

    Instead of relying on cash payments and pesky administration, you can send a payment link to your guests allowing them to pay us for their tickets directly by card, while still getting your commission.

  6. Our goal is to give you MORE money

    Sounds too good to be true? Well with us, it’s a fact. We help you track your conversions in as many ways as possible by offering IP address tracking (coming soon) and custom QR codes on posters, so you end up with more money in your pocket.

  7. Easy to follow cancellation policies

    There are always some guests who decide to cancel on you! Leave nothing to chance with our easy to follow cancellation policies!

  8. We minimize the paper footprint

    Tickets for our events are sent directly to your guests by email, with a QR code to admit entry. And we only ever bring you promotional materials YOU want, to reduce unnecessary wastage.

  9. Experience and local knowledge

    We’ve been in the industry for 9 years, and COVID didn’t stop us either. Our entire team is made of people who KNOW Budapest, and truly understand what your guests are looking for on a local level.

Where can I sign up?

Simply fill out this 1-minute form and we will get in touch to set a date and time for one of our representatives to visit your location and help you get started.

What happens once I've signed up?

We’ll visit you frequently to get your thoughts and feedback and to check that you have everything that you need.

Your commission will be paid out monthly, either in cash or by bank transfer as you prefer.

Your staff will regularly be invited to enjoy free or discounted entry to experience our offers up close.

We will be always on hand to provide training and onboarding to your new staff whenever necessary.

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