Budapest City Guide

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Budapest City Info

City of Baths: The Best Thermal Baths in Budapest

Learn the various landscapes and personalities of Budapest's most iconic thermal baths before you choose one in which to relax and enjoy history firsthand.

How To Get Around in Budapest

It's important to know how to get around Budapest! Learn important info about taxis and pricing, how to use the public transport system, and more!

Budapest District Guide

Budapest is divided into 26 districts, although the inner districts get a lot more recognition. Use this district guide to navigate the city!

Budapest Museum Guide

Hungary is home to plenty of enlightening museums. Check out the following list we’ve put together of the best museums to visit when you’re in Budapest.

Scams to avoid in Budapest

Don't get caught out! Scams happen in almost every major city - here’s a quick run through some of the major scams to avoid in Budapest.

Laws and Customs in Budapest

Here are the most important laws and customs of Budapest, including important considerations as well as cultural bits and pieces.

Budapest Hotel Guide

Are you looking for a place to stay when you visit Budapest? We've got you covered with our Budapest Hotel Guide!

Where to Rent a Car in Budapest

Ready to hit the road? This article will help you with renting a car in Budapest. Grab your license, credit card, and let's go!