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Where to Find Beaches in Budapest

October 26th, 2021


Feel like going to a beach in Budapest? We know what you're thinking ... Hungary is a landlocked country, and the shores of Lake Balaton are at least an hour away. But thanks to some creativity and strategic placement, some Budapest beaches have actually popped up!

If you're craving a bit more nature than the swimming pools in Budapest have to offer (including the legendary Sparty), we suggest checking out some of the beaches here instead!


Lupa Beach

lounging chairs on white sand beach

North of the city, Lupa Beach is a favorite riverside party spot for those wishing to get some beach vibes near Budapest. You can rent a sunbed and relax, or try out watersports (stand up paddleboarding or wakeboarding, for example!). A weekend day ticket is 4400HUF (~ $ 15), but every day after 7, admission is free!

For convenience, Lupa Beach also runs its own shuttle from Budapest. You can check the timetable here!


Sho Beach

Sho Beach signs in front of water

For a luxurious beach experience within city limits, head to Sho Beach. The beach is all about creating an atmosphere of relaxation, and to sweeten the deal, guests receive a 1000HUF coupon, redeemable at the beach bar, ice cream shop, and pop-up store*! So dig your toes into the sand, grab refreshments at the Chill & Grill Beach Bar, and splash around in Lágymányosi bay. 

*valid at the time of publishing


Roman Beach

Roman beach Budapest

Although the Roman Part is only about a 30 minute bus ride north of Budapest, it's still unknown to many tourists. No one would recommend splashing in the Danube next to Buda Castle, but heading upstream gives you the freedom to explore the mighty Danube river. Roman Beach has a holiday-makers feel to it, with a food truck court, classic Hungarian food (hello lángos!), And even a place to put on your own barbecue at Két Rhombus!


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