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The Best Ice Cream Shops in Budapest

April 23rd, 2024

Summer in Budapest is here, and there's nothing like beating the heat with a deliciously sweet ice cream cone. You'll find plenty of ice cream parlors in the city... and there are just a few of our favorites! Get ready for a sweet treat!


If you spot a lavender bicycle parked on the sidewalk, chances are you've stumbled upon a lavender ice cream parlor. Lucky you! As you can guess from the name, “lavender”, they have many botanically flavored ice creams you may not find in other places, like violet, rose, and of course - lavender.

The larger Levendula creameries have a wide range of flavors, even including sugar- and dairy-free options!

Hisztéria Cremeria

If you’re craving a cool treat in the city center, then stop by Hiszéria Cremeria. Step into their wide, airy shop on the famously classy Andrássy Avenue, just a stone’s throw from Oktogon station.

Be transported to Italy as you indulge in their rich flavors and creamy gelato. And be sure to save room! Along with ice cream, they have beautifully decorated and colorful cakes!


Head to the quiet and leafy 13th District and you will find Cioccolatte--a creamery that proudly makes handcrafted Italian ice cream and cakes. On the quiet main street of one of Budapest’s most family friendly and underrated neighborhoods of Jaszai Mari Tér, stroll down Pozsonyi Utca to get a creamy treat! If it’s a sunny day, you can even take it over to nearby Margaret Island!

Gelarto Rosa

You probably can’t scroll through many pictures of Budapest without coming across this Iconic ice cream. This rose made of gelato is a beautiful way to beat the heat.

Step inside and choose your petals of flavor, and then finish your flower masterpiece in the square in front of the Basilica. It’s edible art!

Anjuna Ice Pops (Vegan)

All right, these ice pops aren’t exactly ice cream, but they’re still a tasty way to cool off. These insanely popular popsicles are all plant-based and filled to the brim with fruit. The shop also does acai and smoothie bowls.

Anjuna  even makes something for your four-legged friends! Pupsicles are sugarless treats made with peanut butter and banana.

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