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Wine Tasting Day Trips from Budapest

September 14th, 2022

Hungary is well-known for its wonderful wines and beautiful wine regions. If you’re lucky enough to be here for more than a handful of days, a road trip to a cellar for a wine tasting comes highly recommended. For those visiting for the weekend, we gathered the best wine bars in Budapest so you don’t have to miss out.  But if you’re up for an adventure, here’s a list of a few great vineyards close to the city!


Etyek is just a stone’s throw away from Budapest. The small city is mostly known for its great wine, with tons of famous vineyards scattered throughout. It’s around 30 minutes drive from the city and you can either make your own way after renting a car or you can book a bus tour. Most of these tours run for half a day to a full day, with lunch and wine tasting included and it’s a great way to see the beautiful Hungarian landscape. One thing you really should visit in Etyek, if going on your own, is the Etyeki Kúria. It’s a very famous vineyard with a beautiful villa in the middle of the vinery. They offer their own wine tasting programmes and have a wine bar as well.  They also host a range of events, from stand up comedy to theater plays.


Páty is a small, hidden wine village only 20 minutes away from Budapest. You can find different tours which take care of everything: transportation, wine tasting, food and a guided tour as well. If you decide to go on your own, make sure to visit the cellar lane. This part of Páty is a real architectural gem, almost like a scene from Lord of the Rings. You can find all the traditional vineries here, where you can actually meet the experts who make them. On a wine tasting you’ll not only get to taste wine but you will get a chance to see how it’s produced. Choosing wine tasting with fewer items will allow you to discover more vineyards and taste more wine during your trip. 


For a bit of a longer day trip, you can visit the wonderful Eger, a bigger historical town in Northern Hungary. Eger is best known for its castle, thermal baths, Ottoman minaret and of course, its red wine. The Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) is one of the most famous wines of Hungary. If you are there, definitely visit the castle and learn more about the Ottoman past of Hungary. The best is to book a bus tour to Eger which includes a guided tour and wine tasting as well. Next to Eger lies Szépasszony Völgye (The Valley of the Beautiful Woman) where you will find all the best vineyards in the region. Don’t let the fact that Eger is famous for its red wine fool you; the white’s are just as good and deserve your taste buds!  


While Balaton Lake itself is worth a longer day trip for its milky blue waters and surrounding hills, there are plenty of vineyards around the region too. The Northern coast offers more culinary and wine tasting curiosities, especially the area around Badacsony. Badacsony is a beautiful small town on the coast of Hungary’s biggest lake. It is mostly famous for its landscape and vineyards. When visiting Badacsony, make sure to try Kéknyelű, a very special white wine typical in this region. The grapes that create this wine are notoriously hard to produce but the soil in this region is a rare cultivator of this amazing elixir.  

Badacsony offers amazing culinary experiences as well. The Laposa Winery is the best known here but don’t ignore the small cellars as well! Make sure to visit the Laposa Terrace, an amazing wine bar on the top of Badacsony where, besides good wine and food, you get a breathtaking view of the lake and its surroundings. 


If you aren’t able to organize a day trip from Budapest, don’t worry, the city itself has its own share of wine experiences to satisfy, such as tastings, wine festivals and a range of wine bars. Keep an eye out on what’s happening that week when you are here to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

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