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Shopping at the Markets of Budapest

October 26th, 2021


Whether you're visiting Budapest for two days or two weeks, you'll likely need to pick up some groceries during your stay. So instead of the same old supermarket chains, we'd thought we'd introduce you to some markets in Budapest.


Reasons to Shop at Markets

  • It's more eco-friendly.

    • You have the opportunity to buy just what you need instead of bulk-packaged goods. And although there are individual plastic bags for produce available, it's quite popular to bring your own reusable / netted bags.

  • It helps you connect with the city.

    • When you buy from a market instead of a supermarket like SPAR or LIDL, you're supporting a local vendor, not to mention getting a taste of local life. You might also score some samples of local delicacies (like the pálinka that's oh so famous!)

  • It helps you learn the language.

    • We know that Hungarian consistently ranks as one of the hardest languages ​​to learn, and grocery shopping at a market can work wonders for your vocabulary, numbers, requests ... all of it!


Great Market Hall

roff of great market hall

This may be the most famous market hall in Budapest, and once you see it, you'll know why. Located next to the river, the Great Market Hall rises tall and grand.

Once you step inside under its vaulted ceilings you'll notice three levels: Head upstairs for souvenir stands and traditional Hungarian food (albeit at tourist prices), stay on the ground floor for classic meat and vegetable stands, and head downstairs for swimmingly fresh fish and the Steak Shop. 


Lehel Market

view form above of Lehel market

If you're willing to go a bit out of the city center (even though it's basically next to the West End Mall), you can get an authentic Hungarian shopping experience by going to Lehel Market.

Pick up meat, produce, spices, flowers, and more on the ground floor. If you go upstairs you'll find discount shops for all sorts of household items. And of course, once you're done with your shopping, stop at the entrance for a freshly fried lángos!


Fény​ Street Market

busy courtyard at the market

If you're based on the Buda side you might be interested in the Fény Street Market. Just behind Mammut Mall, this mostly open-air market shows off some of the city's best produce. And for a famous (and generously sized) Viennese schnitzel try out Buja Disznó -k at the market's entrance.


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