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Unique Souvenir Shops in Budapest

October 26th, 2021


So, your time in Budapest has come to an end, you're thinking about taking something special back home, and you want to find the perfect souvenir. But you don't want just anything. You've seen hundreds of magnets and shotglasses, and countless bags of overpriced peppers, but nothing that really shows how much you loved the city.

Well no worries - we've got you! We've put together a list of unique souvenir shops in Budapest so that you can take home the perfect memory!



Citygraph Gallery

purple technical drawing of the chain bridge

Once you find Citygraph Gallery’s colorful storefront, it’s nearly impossible to resist going in. You'll be hard pressed to find more vibrant postcards or prints in the city! Classic scenes and landscapes of Budapest are whimsically reinterpreted, and the results are bursting with color and creativity. Maybe you'll buy a postcard to send and a postcard to keep!


Játék3 Game Store

space pirates board game

Buy something memorable for the littles in your life! Find games for all ages of childhood, from toys to books to beautifully made board games, uniquely designed and illustrated by a Hungarian artist. Take a look in this tiny shop of treasures.



vintage coats on a rack

Ludovika Vintage isn't the most classic of souvenir shops, but you can find treasures here all the same. If you have someone in your life who appreciates gifts that they can actually wear or use, what better thing to pick up than a stunning vintage piece?



Going souvenir shopping at a local market is a wonderful way to sidestep tourist traps. After all, you're buying straight from locals instead of from a stall of mass-produced trinkets. And there are plenty of markets in Budapest you can try out!


Ecseri Flea Market

market front with sign saying Grand Bazar

If you don't mind getting out of the city center, then you mustn't miss a trip to Ecseri Flea Market - it's the largest flea market in Budapest, after all! You could spend hours pacing up and down the aisles looking for the perfect souvenir. Who knows what you might find? Make sure to bring plenty of small bills and your imagination!


Gozsdu Weekend Market

woman looking at vintage records

If you're looking for a souvenir in Budapest and you're in town over the weekend, it's worth it to head to the weekend flea market at Gozsdu Udvar. A walk down this vibrant corridor will take you past quite a few local vendors. Full disclosure: Gozsdu has become quite popular with tourists in the last few years, but the market is still a wonderful way to take in some local color!


Szimpla Kert Farmers' Market

overhead view of people buying vegetables at a market

If you want to remember the taste of Hungary, swing by the farmer's market at Szimpla Kert on the weekend. Browse through the organic offerings of locally sourced honey, or a spicy jar of ajvar. If you spend time at this market, you'll be sure to find something tasty to take home! There's even a delicious brunch upstairs as well in case you need to recuperate after all that shopping.


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