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Moving to Budapest: Setting Up Your Accounts

November 3rd, 2021


Welcome to the Setting Up Your Accounts section of the Moving to Budapest Guide!

Are you ready to get settled in Budapest? Chances are you need to set up a few accounts that will help the city feel a bit more like home!

When you’re new to Budapest, you’ll need to set up accounts to keep things running smoothly. Just to be safe, when you go to set up any account, make sure you take all of your documents with you (passport, residence permit, address card, etc), or risk being turned away from your appointment.


piggy bank


If you want to set up a bank account in Budapest there are plenty of options, and the larger branches nearly all have English services. A few banks popular with expats are:



Maybe you just need a basic phone that can receive calls from Hungarian numbers, maybe you’d like a brand new device, or perhaps you just need a Hungarian SIM card to slot into your unlocked device.

Whatever the case, you’ll need to set up your phone! Here are a few popular phone providers. You can find branches with English services at all of Budapest’s malls.

  • Telekom: Unlimited data from ~€20/month

  • Telenor: 100GB data from ~€25/month

  • Vodafone:Unlimited data and calls from ~€30/month

If you have an Apple device, be advised that there are no official Apple stores in Hungary, per se. Instead, look for iStyle, which is an official reseller, and basically the same thing.

If you’re looking for phone accessories (and you don’t want to pay for the name-brand ones), then look for any GSM shop. For technical accessories, consider Media Markt.

person on laptop


Of course, if you want to work remotely in Budapest then a strong Internet connection is essential. All of the phone companies mentioned above have Internet packages, and Digi is a popular and cost effective Internet provider as well.


Now that you have an idea on where to set up your accounts in Budapest, you’re well on your way to setting up your expat life. Check out the rest of our Moving to Budapest Guide for more tips and info!


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