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Moving to Budapest: Setting Up Your Office or Coworking Space

October 27th, 2021


Welcome to the Setting Up Your Office or Coworking Space section of our Moving to Budapest Guide!


Thanks to its low cost of living and central location, Budapest has only grown in popularity for big businesses and digital nomads alike. That, along with the ongoing trend of working remotely means that many people are giving thought to setting up their home offices in Budapest. Here are some tips and resources on how to set up your workspace!


Setting up your Office

work area with desktop computer

Office supply stores

For cheap supplies (and other household items) feel free to peruse the One Euro Store or Flying Tiger.

You might be familiar with the Office Depot chain, and you can find multiple locations throughout the city. However, there are plenty of stationery stores, or “papírbolt”s around the city as well. If you don’t find any in your neighborhood, it’s a safe bet to find them at any of Budapest’s malls. If you’re in need of a copy shop, two popular chains are Copy Guru and GoPrint.

If you're looking for office furniture, perhaps a trip out to IKEA or Auchan is in order.

And of course, being a remote worker in Budapest means that a solid internet connection is essential. If you need to set up internet in your apartment, you can check out this list of internet providers!


coworking space with fairy lights

Coworking in Budapest

So, you have your office supplies...but where would you like to set up your office? As a remote worker in Budapest, you’ve got loads of options! Since Budapest is a hotspot for digital nomads in Europe, coworking spaces abound.

Whether you’re looking for a desk to call your own one day a week, or a community space from which you can cowork full time here are few options of coworking spaces in Budapest. Find your home away from home ( away from office?) here!

  • Regus (coworking space search engine)

  • Kaptar Day pass: 15 €, monthly pass from 50 €

  • Kubik Day pass: ~12 €, monthly pass from ~50 €

  • Muse Budapest Day pass: ~10 €, monthly pass from ~35 €

  • Loffice Day pass: ~12 €, monthly pass from ~55 €

  • Impact Hub Day pass: ~13 €, monthly pass from ~55 €

  • Komodor Day pass: ~11 €, monthly pass from: ~95 €


Whether you’re a digital nomad or you’re just looking to work remotely in Budapest, having a solid home office set up is essential to your success. Use these resources to help you build (or rent) the office that suits you best! And check out the rest of our Moving to Budapest Guide for more info!


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