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The Ultimate Autumn Guide to Budapest

November 3rd, 2021


Summer may be over, but no need to worry--autumn in Budapest can be quite lovely as well! Maybe you’re a student who’s just arrived for the start of term, or maybe you’re just passing through on a quick trip during your fall break. In any case, you’re likely wondering what to do in autumn in Budapest! We’ve put together some ideas to help you! Get outside and enjoy those beautiful fall colors!


yellow and red tram on rail road near body of water during daytime

You can stroll through one of Budapest’s wide outdoor spaces, or take a walking tour through the city’s changing landscapes. If the weather holds, you can spend some time at one of the Budapest autumn festivals, such as the Budapest Wine Festival up at Buda Castle or the Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake) Festival in City Park.


If you’re looking for ways to stay cozy and warm inside instead, we don’t blame you! You can always warm your hands with some mulled wine in a ruin bar or a cozy cafe. And if you’re feeling the urge to party, don’t forget--at the end of October you can celebrate Halloween in Budapest!

tourists at fisherman's bastion in budapest

Maybe you feel like you need a little city break. Then why not take a day trip outside of Budapest and see more of what Hungary has to offer? You can head up north to Szentendre and experience a colorful village with medieval flair, or go south to Lake Balaton (without the summer crowds!). Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even leave the country for the day! That’s right--Bratislava and Vienna are both less than 3 hours from Budapest!


So you see--there’s plenty to do for autumn in Budapest. What will you do first?

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